I am currently accepting a limited number of coaching clients. 

My coaching style is primarily to listen and ask questions, not give a ton of advice or directives. That is because I truly believe every one of us has the answers and resources we need within us. Yet I understand that we can all benefit from support as we uncover and embody those resources. 

Feel free to contact me to have a conversation where we can both feel out whether the type of support I offer through coaching is something that could benefit you at this time in your journey to self-embodiment.


I AM LOVE Workshop is inspired by the book I AM • YOU ARE • LOVE IS. 

In this workshop we will journey deep into our hearts and explore the essence of who we are and what love is. 


I AM • YOU ARE • LOVE IS explores basic truths of existence and experience that will deepen your understanding of the source of who you are. 

This book is not a magic ticket into the divine state that is so immensely sought after, however it can serve as a guide to aid those transitioning through the stage of spiritual seeking into the experience of being. 

Author Curtis Christian explains complex ideas, perspectives, and experiences in a refreshingly unique and understandable way, inviting you to accelerate your journey inward while making friends with the mind, expanding your awareness, and deepening your understanding of yourself and your experience. 

No stone is left unturned as commonly accepted spiritual concepts are questioned and examined from many angles, along with new, unique perspectives being offered for consideration. 

I AM • YOU ARE • LOVE IS serves as an elaborate invitation to awaken the message of your heart and begin expressing it to the world.
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