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By Curtis Christian 16 Mar, 2017

I plan on doing this for real this time around. ‘ This ’ being regular-ish posting of thoughts, feelings, and perspectives pertaining to age-old questions and current events. Some of you are aware that I have dabbled in blogging at various points over the past few years.  But until now it has not been a very consistent endeavor. There are a few reasons for that, none of which are interesting or important enough to go into detail about here.

When it comes to blogging, or creating content of any type, a common piece of advice people will give is to find a niche. I am not sure that I have a very well defined niche, but if I had to name one it would be love . On one hand that could be viewed at as a well defined niche. On the other hand it could be said that it does not really narrow things down much at all. The view on the latter hand is perpetuated if you agree with some of the all encompassing perspectives pertaining to love, such as love is always the answer, love is all you need, everything is love, etc. 

I do believe many of the best and most encompassing things that can be said about love. But I do also realize there are a lot of darker, not-so-rosy things that seem to be not- love. And a refusal to acknowledge and discuss those things can cause any attempt to present a love is all there is perspective to come off a bit naïve and unbelievable. More and more in our discourse today it appears that a lot of those darker things are coming to light, which can make an in depth exploration of love all that much more important.

As such, love will be a common thread that waves its way into many of the perspectives I share throughout this blog, and into conversations and encounters elsewhere. But we will also be taking a look at some of those other uncomfortable things that appear to be not love. In addition, there are other values that I believe compliment love, which will also find their way into many of the discussions. Together with love, the values of life, freedom, and truth, are the foundation of the company mission here at Live and Love Now. As such, it may not come as a surprise that they comprise the lens through which various topics are explored.

Ultimately there will be no topic that is off limits, as I believe any and every issue we discuss this day and age, or any problem we encounter, could benefit from an honest and intimate exploration into the impact that an increased expression of love, life, freedom, and truth could have. This values based approach is the primary way I explore any topic. The values based approach will be discussed in more detail in a future blog. The synopsis is, rather than taking sides on an issue or arguing about what is right or wrong or good or bad, identify values that you believe are worth adhering to in any context. And then within the context of a specific topic, issue, or set of circumstance, take an honest look at all of the details involved and ask how those values can be optimally expressed.

There may not always be an obvious answer. And the most optimal expression of any particular value may not always be within immediately reach. But I do belief a commitment to values can profoundly shift the experience within each of us, and in turn offer a different form of discourse to the world around us. The values that I have committed to are love, life, freedom, and truth. I will continually invite you to join the discussion as it pertains to the expression of these values, as well as share your own thoughts, feelings, and perspectives, and explore the vast array of topics through the lens of values that you believe are worth expressing.

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